Since 2020

KARAKU Co., Ltd.


Our founding team consists of experienced retro fashion enthusiasts and professional fashion designers. For a long time, we have devoted our love to retro culture and military wear to create numerous original style clothes, and we have worked hard to ensure the details of our products and the quality of our clothes.

Through the continuous efforts of a small team of first few people, we have become a fashion site loved by Japanese customers, and we started the Korean site because we wanted to introduce our good products to Korean customers as well.


We have established a quality management system and have a complete product design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service system to ensure the high quality of our products. We also attempted to recreate the classic look of clothes using various techniques and appropriate machines. All sewing and sewing methods were studied to ensure maximum reproduction, and in addition, production costs were reduced by optimizing the system to enable continuous production.



KARAKU Online Store was born. An office was established in Hong Kong.


We searched for quality suppliers and factories that make good vintage crosses.

We established a quality control system and took steps to ensure high quality products in all processes, from product design to manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service.


The number of orders in December 2022 tripled compared to the previous year.


We have established a branch office in Japan.


While operating a Japanese online shopping site, we received many orders from Korea, and our products were loved by many Korean customers. So we decided to provide better service to Korean customers by opening a Korean online shopping site.