We will guide you on how to use Karaku Buy ONLINE STORE.

STEP01 】Order

Place the desired product in your shopping cart, set the shipping address and payment method, and an order confirmation screen will appear. Please check the contents and if there are no errors, your order will be completed.

STEP2 】Order confirmation

After completing your order, an order confirmation email will be automatically sent. If the email does not arrive at this point, please check your email address again as it may be due to reasons such as receiving it in the spam email folder, making a mistake in entering the email address, or receiving settings. Additionally, if a product is out of stock after you place an order, we will contact you via email. If there is stock in the shipping warehouse, it is usually shipped on the same day or the next business day (excluding weekends and public holidays).

STEP3 】Delivery notification email

We will send you the invoice number by email. Please note that, in principle, shipping costs due to cancellation or change after shipment are borne by the customer. The courier company is XXXXXXXXX..

STEP4 】Delivery arrives

If the delivery does not arrive, please contact the nearest Sagawa Express using the tracking number or contact us.

STEP5 】Returns and Exchanges

Please contact us via our company email address and we will assist you with return shipping instructions. For more information, please see [Returns and Exchanges].

【Changes and cancellations after ordering】

Changes and cancellations of ordered products are only possible when the product is in the status of being prepared for shipment. Please understand in advance that changes or cancellations are not possible while the product is waiting for shipment or has been completed. Although this may be inconvenient, please contact our company.

【Sales Price and Availability】

・Various sales

The selling price of the product may change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.


Regarding the product inventory display, even if it is marked as 'in stock', the advertisement may result in a surge in orders and the inventory may be depleted. We are paying close attention to inventory management so that our customers can enjoy a pleasant shopping experience, but we ask for your understanding if the above situation occurs.

【E-mail magazine】

We operate a service to send useful information such as sale information and new product information. If you would like to change or stop delivery of the e-mail magazine, please contact us, although it may be inconvenient.

【Information on products posted and for sale】

Product information posted and for sale (size, specifications, etc.) may change without notice. Please understand.


payment method

【Credit card payment】

Available credit cards are as follows:



・American Express





It may vary depending on the deadline or contract details of the credit card registered with PayPal. Please check with your card company or PayPal Corporation.

coupon code

Instructions for using coupon codes

Simply place the products eligible for the coupon into your shopping cart, proceed with the purchase process, and proceed to STEP 2: Select a shipping method. STEP 3 When making payment, enter the coupon code in the “Coupon Code or Gift Card” field and click “→” or the Apply button to confirm that the price has changed to the coupon applied price and complete your order.

You can also order products that are not eligible for the coupon in the same order, but the coupon applies only to the eligible products. In addition, Karaku points awarded when using the coupon become the corresponding points after the discount.


courier tracking

You can conveniently contact us by email or check the delivery on the オーダー状況追跡 courier tracking page.