CREW 레터 자가드 맞춤 슬러브 스웨터

SKU: KRK-MD-TW2307660-블랙-M
₩129,800 KRW

배송 안내

1. 배송기간: 영업일 7~9일.

2. 상품 받은 후 7일 이내 반품 및 교환 가능.

인기 상품이므로, 지금 주문 폭주로 인해, 배송까지 최대 5일 정도의 시간이 소요되고 있습니다.
맞춤 슬러브 원사를 레터 쟈가드로 모란지에 조합한 독특한 감촉이 매력적인 니트 스웨터.
가슴에 원단에서 실이 떠 있는 듯한 가공 「중공 쟈가드」를 사용.
일반 자가드보다 입체감이 있어서 원포인트가 됨.
카라와 소맷단, 밑단 굵은 골지 짜임도 은근한 포인트.
넉넉한 실루엣과 드롭숄더 디자인으로 활동성이 좋으며

쿨넥도 베이직해 활용하기 좋은 한 벌!

고품격 폴리에스테르 슬래브 원단으로 부드럽고 볼륨감 있으며

촉감과 보온성이 높은 것이 매력이며 손빨래든 세탁기를 사용해도 쉽게 줄어들지 않음.

캐주얼한 느낌의 아이템이면서도 트렌드감을 연출,
데님, 치노팬츠를 비롯해 카고팬츠, 와이드팬츠 등과의 궁합도 탁월.

가을부터 겨울까지 이너 아이템으로 안성맞춤인 소재로 완성!

관리 : 물세척 가능
원단 두께 : 약간 도톰
실루엣: 표준
신축성: 약간 있음
안감: 없음

■상품 상세
소재 : 폴리에스테르 100%
관련 카테고리: Tops/니트/스웨터
성별 유형: 남자

사이즈 차트
사이즈 기장 가슴 둘레 어깨 너비 소매 기장 소매 너비
S 67 112 58 50 20
M 69 116 59 51 21
L 71 120 60 52 22
XL 73 124 61 53 23
2XL 75 128 62 54 24
* 사용 중인 PC 등 열람 디바이스 환경에 따라 질감, 색감에 오차가 발생할 수 있습니다.
**사이즈표는 제품원단 및 직조등의 특성에 따라 약간의 오차는 있을 수 있으니 미리 양해 부탁드립니다.
Returns and Exchanges
Please be sure to contact us within 7 days after receiving the product.
Please understand that returns and exchanges are not possible without contact. When requesting a return or exchange, please return it within 10 days from the delivery date. (Please understand that if there is no return after more than 10 days, we cannot accept the product.)
The product you received can be returned or exchanged if it is the wrong size or does not match the image.

When exchange/return is not possible
・Products that have passed more than 7 days since delivery
・Lost items such as labels, labels, boxes, etc.
・Products that have already been used or washed
・Products damaged, stained, or smelly by customers
・Products with missing parts during delivery
・Hem lifting service product

Exchange Information

Please contact/consult by email.

Exchangeable products are different sizes and colors of the same product.

(If you contact us by email, please enter “Exchange” as the subject.)
Shipping costs for returns are the customer's responsibility. We will send you a replacement product as soon as it arrives at our company. In case of exchange due to customer circumstances, we will send it to you with shipping costs collected. If the product is not returned due to an accident or the condition of the product has deteriorated during return, return may not be possible.

Return Information

Please email us the product you wish to return and the reason for the return. (When contacting us by email, please write “Return” in the subject line.)
Shipping costs for returns are the customer's responsibility. If the product is not returned due to an accident, etc., or if the product's condition has deteriorated, return may not be possible. If you return the product, the points for the product will be automatically lost.

Refund Information
The refund amount is the product amount excluding shipping costs.
If you do not cover shipping costs when sending the product, it may be deducted from the refunded product amount.
Re-application and cancellation will be processed when refunds are made to credit card customers.

( Refunds are usually processed within 3-5 days )
(Depending on the card company's deadline and card processing date, the change may occur in the following month.)
・For cash payment customers, refunds will be deposited into the designated account.
(The customer must pay the fee for non-bankbook deposit, and the deposit fee will be deducted from the refund amount)

Exchange due to problems such as defective product
Our products have been strictly inspected and shipped, and if the order details are different or there are defective products, we will exchange or refund them. Please contact us within 7 days after receiving the product and we will reship it if it is in stock. We will bear all fees incurred at this time. (If the exchange product is out of stock, we will process a return.)

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